Swahili for Beginners

            Lisa Joyal  


“Live your dreams.”

 Lisa Joyal

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Hi-Rise, December 2007Though Lisa Joyal's well-written novel, Swahili for Beginners, is described for young adult readers, it will please thoughtful readers ages 9 and up, including I'm sure some teens. Thirteen-year-old Georgie Wilde starts exchanging pen pal letters with a Tanzanian girl her own age. That opens Georgie's eyes to what life is like there. And, interestingly, it also leads to insights about Georgie's ownlife, relationships, and problems. Georgie is a determined, appealing young girl. Highly recommended.

— reviewed by Denise Moore, Hi-Rise, December 2007


Georgie Wilde is a character to love like you love Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird or Nancy Blackett in Swallows and Amazons but this is not a sacharrine or wistful depiction of a carefree early adolescence. Georgie and her friends have real worries with which modern kids will identify. At the same time they are kids and are able to lose themselves in a carefree moment: this and Georgie's infectious enthusiasm help to leaven the often serious subject matter.— Paige Turner comment from Amazon .


Thank you for creating such a wonderful piece of work that will bring joy, thoughtfulness and inspiration to so many. I loved it.—Janet de Guzman


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