Swahili for Beginners

            Lisa Joyal  


“Live your dreams.”

 Lisa Joyal

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About Lisa


Born and raised in Winnipeg, Lisa Joyal moved to Toronto in 1984 to complete her academic studies and has lived there ever since. She remains proud of her prairie roots though, and in particular, her love for the North End of Winnipeg, where she lived during her childhood. Lisa Joyal has worked as a criminal lawyer in the Crown’s Office of the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General since 1994, with experience in many different areas of criminal law at both the trial and appellate level. Lisa has participated in a number of feminist organizations throughout her life, and currently does volunteer work at the Toronto Child Abuse Centre, assisting children and families in the court preparation program. She was inspired to write Swahili for Beginners after a trip to Africa with her husband, which included travel through Tanzania and a climb up Mount Kilimanjaro.