Swahili for Beginners

            Lisa Joyal  


“Live your dreams.”

 Lisa Joyal

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About My Fundraising



Swahili for Beginners gives me an opportunity to give something back to a place that I came to love in my travels.

I hope to raise enough money through sales of the book to:


1. Build a well through Ryan’s Well Foundation in a community in Africa that needs access to a clean water supply.

2. Build a new school through Free The Children in a community in Africa that lacks access to primary or secondary education.

3. Fund a 10 year scholarship through Room to Read in order to make it possible for a girl who would otherwise not have access to an education to attend and complete secondary school.


I am also interested in working with charities focused on Africa and would be happy to provide details on how the book can be used as a fundraiser. Contact jb@swahiliforbeginners.com for more information.














Visit the market (soko) to purchase the book and help me meet my charitable goals more quickly.