Swahili for Beginners

            Lisa Joyal  


“Live your dreams.”

 Lisa Joyal

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About Swahili for Beginners — From Lisa


Swahili for Beginners is a book about children who are dreamers, and who believe they have the power to make their dreams come true. My novel aims to create awareness of some of the issues that affect children in the developed and developing world, and celebrates the ways in which children have made and will continue to make a powerful difference in their local and global communities.


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... This is a wonderful book which promotes international awareness, and focuses on giving, and charity. Georgie has a true, authentic voice, and Joyal has perfectly captured the ups and downs of life in Grade 8. This is an essential purchase for middle school libraries, and all students in grades 6 and up will enjoy this inspirational story. Swahili for Beginners is a great recommendation for students who are completing an international geography project, someone who is studying life overseas, or perhaps a student who is interested in taking part in international service or volunteer work as they get older.

Reviewed by Claire Hazzard, Resource Links Volume 13, Number 3, February 08


Swahili for Beginners is an admirable first-novel from Toronto lawyer Lisa Joyal...What I really found exceptional about Swahili for Beginners was the fact that Lisa Joyal explored many issues, on a global level. This is very unlike other young adult novels out there, which depict glamorous young people living in Hollywood or New York who are difficult to relate to.  Georgie Wilde is a down-to-earth heroine – one I, and others, can identify with… This book is certainly a good find. It presents global issues that are all over television and magazines today, but through a context that puts them into a valuable perspective. I would recommend this book for anyone and everyone, and for it not to be branded by its ‘young adult’ genre. Swahili for Beginners is a gem of a book, and rather read-worthy.

Reviewed By: Breanne Cursley AnE Vibe January 13, 2008  Read the full review


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